Discover Pharm3r Aggregate

Introducing Pharm3rAggregate™ – our very latest software, built to visualize your portfolio’s total drug and medical device exposure.


Our very latest software, built to show your portfolio’s total drug and device exposure. Pharm3rAggregate™ integrates your book with our database of over 50,000 companies and their complete product lists.

Understand risk levels along with severity and probability

Charting key risk indicator trends

Benchmarking and comparative analysis

Connect risk indicators and performances to understand emergent risks

Post Market Surveillance

Insights into medical product risk and quality. At-a-glance risk assessment, historical trend analysis, prospective safety measures, and best-in-class comparisons.

Market Intelligence

Pharm3r’s automatic report generation gives users the capacity to get a quick view of the most pressing issues facing their project area so they know where to focus.