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Insurance Firms

We offer a variety of tools to assist underwriters in risk assessment and portfolio management. PandoraPlus is an all-encompassing software application used to aggregate risk at the product and manufacturer levels. Its built-in portfolio manager allows underwriters to easily track key metrics such as risk, premium, and exposure and to view overall trends. Upon request, we supply customized reports on specific manufacturers and product classes.

  • Systematize the underwriting process
  • Track overall book performance
  • Simplify reporting and compliance functions
  • Avoid catastrophic risk
  • Model and assess portfolio risk
  • Prioritize due diligence
  • Conform to partner criteria

Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Companies

We provide a wide range of services to drug and device manufacturers that enable timely identification of product performance issues. Strong comparative analytics and powerful NLP engines allow quality departments to assess safety risks, regulatory departments to convey straight-forward and meaningful information, and engineering departments to develop new failure modes.

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